As a child, I used to love taking my toys apart and trying to improve them. I would often break the toy car just so I’ll be challenged to fix it. I remember how interesting it was to play around with magnets and electric motors. 
I remember working overnight on my motorcycle, trying to fix the leaky carburetor and then tuning it. My neighbours hated me for that, but I couldn’t stop. I was in bliss… I was in the “flow state” during those moments. I would totally forget to eat or drink. I was so immersed in the task at hand, so I would even postpone my washroom breaks until the point where I would almost pee my pants. It was hard physically and mentally, but the rewards of being in the “zone” far overweight the fatigue. 
I remember spending two days! with no sleep, trying to hack my brand new, white iPhone 3G. After experimenting with different software and finding out different things I could do with the phone – I broke the thing. The next two days I spent researching and trying to fix what I broke. I had no sense of time. Day or night – I didn’t care. My friends were calling me, asking me out – I was unavailable. My mom would cook the dinner – I was locked inside my room, glued to the computer. Again, I was in a blissful state. I had a purpose and I would not stop working until it was done. 
Whenever at the crossroads, choosing what to do with life, look back and try to remember – what was I playing with when I was a kid? What was interesting and exciting to me as a teenager? 
As for me – I need to build – I am a creator. I want to spend the rest of my life working on something that puts me into the “flow state”. I want to be fully immersed in a task, where I lose the sense of time and nothing else matters. I feel that only when I’m in the “zone” – I can truly push my limits. I am building Deep Work Studio – a place, where people can get into the flow state and create something great. I want to set up an environment that will help human beings to access the best in them.