One of a Kind – Office Getaway

Creating productive spaces has very little to do with physical design. The magic happens inside the hearts and minds of workers and managers.

We have a unique opportunity to reimagine the offices of the future

Deep Work Studio was born out of increasing demand for focused work. Nowadays most people make a living with their brains and in order to stand out in the world of information, the ability to concentrate is becoming one of the core competencies of the modern worker.

As Cal Newport describes in his book “Deep Work”: 

The ability to focus on demanding tasks without distraction is the superpower of the 21st-century knowledge worker.

Typical coworking spaces and offices create a culture of shallow work. At Deep Work Studios, each guest is put into the meeting with a coach. We offer our guests daily check-ins with a performance coach to share how it’s going, hour by hour.

Office Getaway - Much More than a Space

For people who love their work: knowledge workers; remote employees; workaholics; type “A”s; high performers; engineers; writers; artists; graduate students… Anyone who takes their craft seriously and has the opportunity to work remotely. For people that are looking to change the routine and get away while staying connected; improve their work performance; find inspiration; make a breakthrough; experiment and take full advantage of remote work. Deep Work Studio is a one of a kind office getaway. We provide people with dedicated distraction-free workspaces for deep, concentrated, focused work.